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Café Colonial in Gramado – Rio Grande do Sul – BR

Gramado - Rio Grande do Sul - BR

Gramado – Rio Grande do Sul

Gramado is a very charming town in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
Settled by Germans and Italians, the charm of Gramado is in its architecture, in its many cafes, chocolate factories, fondue houses, crafts and the many sights.

The city is the third most visited tourist destination in Brazil, famous for its hortensias, its Christmas Light , its Film Festival among other attractions.

Due to weather conditions on the day that we were in Gramado (rainfall and temperature around 7 degrees), we spent most of our time eating and drinking. Cold weather, rain, good food? Hummmm…I loved it!

Café Colonial

Café Colonial Bela Vista

It may look like the holy communion but in fact this is a Colonial Café in Gramado.

Colonial Coffee is one of the most authentic traditions and culture of German cuisine held here.
Fresh baked cakes, homemade sausages and cheeses, polenta fries, pastries, hot chocolate, teas, white and red table wine, jams, cheeses (have I mentioned by any chance homemade?). It’s like arriving on a Sunday at Grandma’s house and she had simply made all your favorite treats.

The tradition comes from the time when the settlers used to wake up ealier to work on the fields and as they would have only one meal for the day, this breakfast used to give them the energy until the dusk. My version of the history is that they were probably gaining energy for the rest of the week, but never mind.

Despite being called breakfast, the meal can be done at any time of day. We, for example, opted for Bela Vista around lunchtime. Costs $ 38,00 per person and food is it all you can it.

Say “quantity is not quality” but the colonial coffee is where the two complement each other: each one of the 80 dishes that we had tasted all very fresh and were impeccably presented.

Are you hungry?

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