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A day trip to Segovia

The picturesque Segovia, an UNESCO Heritage site, was a worth day trip in our way to Madrid.

It was impressive how much we got done in one day! We’ve seen some stunning monuments such as this aqueduct built by the Roman in the 1st century A.D., the Gothic architecture of the Cathedral and Alcazar, the castle that is rumored to have inspired one of Disney’s fairytale castles.

As this holiday was wine and food driven, I was getting excited about researching regional dishes before our arrivals and when came to Segovia, I was really looking forward to witness it first hand!

The traditional dish from this region is Cochinillo Asado, a succulent suckling pig (a piglet fed ONLY on its mother’s milk). As recommended by some locals, we decided to try the little Babe at Casa Duque and the experience was sensational. Crispy skin, tender and moist meat, slow roasted on a wood fire oven in salt and water (only).

No, those are not bungee jumping pigs!

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