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Once Upon a Time in Loire Valley

From Paris, we headed by train to Loire Valley, region famous for its wines and historical castles.
The two days in this region felt like being in a fairytale!

We started the day with a tour in the Chateau de Chambord, the largest chateau in the Loire Valley.
The castle was built from 1519 to 1547 to serve as a hunting lodge for the king François I.

The afternoon was dedicated to the tiny village of Amboise and the Chateau de Amboise, built between the 15th and 16th century as royal residence during the reigns of Kings Charles VIII and François I.

In it’s chapel is buried Leonardo da Vinci, who lived in Amboise and as many other artists stayed at the Court of Amboise invited by the king.

We finished the day with dinner at Chez Bruno in Amboise. The wine bar is owned by a local wine maker and there was no better way of enjoying local food and wine.

Day 2 started at Chateau de Chenonceau, built in 1513.

Our last tour was to the stunning gardens of the Château de Villandry.
The vegetable and flower gardens are masterpieces that I will never forget.

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