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Pont du Gard – South of France

Unless you are pretty lucky, It is not really everyday that you wake up in the middle of South of France.

I was lucky enough to spend the end of my holidays traveling through Provence and exploring all those little scenic villages that I used to dream about when watching Le Tour de France on TV.

From Carcassonne we drove to Pont du Gard, an ancient Roman aqueduct bridge that crosses the Gard River in southern France. This is where we slowed down and started enjoying some priceless time in touch with nature: the smell of fig blossoms everywhere, the most ancient and largest olive trees that I’ve ever seen and a remarkable day swimming in a river with the picturesque aqueduct as the background.

The only thing that made us leave that 30°C day and move to our next destination was basically the fact that we had no food in our pack and we were getting hungry. Yes, I was very hungry but instead of the usual bad mood that I will be on in situations like that, I was feeling extremely energised.

And just when I couldn’t hope for more, we passed by these huge cherry fields that looked like a painting.

I’m sure I could do a bit of foraging here If I wish but this is one of those places that deserves respect. We stopped by a small stand at the end of the field and we found this lovely French lady selling the cherries per 3€ a kilo. Are you serious ?????? Je voudrais un kilo de cerises s’il vous plaît?

So exciting!

This was truly one of those unforgettable days that is worth to write about….and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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