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Bento Gonçalves – Rio Grande do Sul – BR

It has been 2 weeks since I returned from my holidays and after settling down, it was about time to take the dust off the blog.

Yes, I’m back ! And nothing better than to start posting about some of the best moments from my holidays in Southern Brazil.

Bento Gonçalves - RS - Brazil

Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul

Known as the wine capital of Brazil and also for being the largest grape-producing of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, this region has not earned this reputation for nothing.
The first Italian immigrants arrived in the region of Bento around 1870 and soon established grapevine culture due to favourable climate of the region.

The region also concentrates the best national wineries such as Salton, Aurora, Miolo and Casa Valduga, among many other smaller boutique wineries.

Visiting Bento Goncalves was truly unforgettable! The weather was rainy and unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), one of our cars broke down right near this small cheese factory at the beginning of the Vale dos Vinhedos.

Cheeses and Cured Meat

We took this opportunity and tried some cheese and sausages. Please, a round of applause for the provolone cheese with oregano and olive oil !

Casa Valduga

Following the route we stopped for a wine tasting at Casa Valduga.

Only by tasting these wines to understand the tradition of this family and their 135 year history noticeable even in their facilities built with stones.

What incredible experience! I even tasted a blend of Pinot Noir and Shiraz for the first time in my life!

I ended up bringing to Australia the cab sav Casa Valduga Premium.

But the climax of the trip was in fact our wine tour to the facilities at Miolo and the tasting of some of their best wines.


Due to the hilly ground of the Valley of the Vineyards, the grape harvest is manual in the region. And walking around there was even harder to think about a mechanical harvesting at Miolo hills..

The soil conditions together with high investment in equipment have transformed Miolo in the leading national market for fine wines from the Brazilian wineries.

Miolo Lote 43

One of the wines that I tasted and ended up bringing a bottle to Australia was the Merlot Terroir 2008. The 2005 one was recently chosen in London as the best Merlot in the world in its price range.


To end on a high note nothing better than a game of dominoes with my family in front of a fireplace, accompanied by “pinhão sapecado”, cheeses and fine wines from the Vale dos Vinhedos, of course!

I’m gonna miss it!

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